Digital Video Recorder Installation

A digital video recorder (DVR) records video in digital format and stores the video to a disk drive or memory card for access. DVRs can record video captured from the CCTV system for later review. Many companies prefer the use of DVRs in conjunction with CCTV.

What are the Different Types of Digital Video Recorders?

  1. Single Channel DVRs. This type of DVR will only capture video from a single camera. Single-channel DVRs have superior horizontal resolution. Many devices are capable of simultaneous recording and playback at 60 FPS. Some units have a removable hard drive for replay. Many units are capable of five different picture qualities and 27 recording speeds. Built-in motion sensors and a control terminal are characteristic of this type of device. With various playback functions and audio recording, companies can use the flexibility protect their assets.
  2. Four Channel DVRs. This type of DVR captures video from up to four different cameras in multiple locations. Each recording may be control and monitored remotely from the Internet worldwide. Many systems are available in packages that include four weatherproof cameras and a DVR with storage capacity up to 160 GB. The four channel DVRs may be sold in a package or as stand-alone units.
  3. Eight Channel DVRs. This system is ideal for home or office surveillance. Linux OS is embedded in the system to prevent viruses that may interrupt recording in the system. The LAN Internet connection allows multiple users to access and monitor the cameras at all times. Storage capabilities are up to 500 GB.
  4. DVR Units of 16 Channels or More. These units are ideal for large organizations that have multiple points of entry requiring surveillance. Each camera may be monitored remotely from the Internet in multiple locations. Storage capacity increases to accommodate the storage of multiple video streams.

Benefits of a DVR System

DVR systems with multiple channels allow monitoring of multiple locations remotely at once. Video footage is stored digitally as opposed to on a physical device. There is less chance of damage to the stored video and it is easier to retrieve for playback. The video footage remains secure even when the building or structure may be compromised.

If the business owner needs to prove that someone trespassed on the premises without consent, DVR CCTV is most recommended by experts to obtain quality video that will stand up in court. The resolution of captured images is high for easy identification of perpetrators. These cameras may be used for both indoor and outdoor surveillance. The cameras also record in high resolution in low lighting situations. A light sensor may be found on some cameras to provide a better quality picture. Infrared night vision allows business owners or home owners to record at night.

What Should Be Considered for Digital Video Recorder Installation?

The installation required of portable CCTV DVR systems is minimal compared to a system that is stationary. With stationary systems, each location where the camera is installed will need to be prepared for the installation. If the cameras will be installed wirelessly, the installation process will be easier. Companies that will monitor their devices via Internet should request a static IP address for the best results. The software should be installed on the computer that will be controlling your DVR system remotely, if this is the method your company has chosen.

Why Use Our Company for DVR Installation?

Our company has numerous years of experience to handle any type of DVR installation. The company backs its expertise with an installation guarantee. Support is provided should any resolvable problems arise. Consumers should feel confident selecting our service.