CCTV Security Installation

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) installation helps home owners and business owners monitor the premises via cameras, monitors and recording devices. With CCTV, consumers may deter unwanted or criminal behavior of people on the premises. Consumers that purchase CCTV feel that their investment is safer with 24 hour monitoring.

What are the Different Types of Systems?

Wired CCTV systems or wireless CCTV systems are used for monitoring purposes. Each system has their advantages and disadvantages. Both types of systems will be discussed, along with others, to help readers make an informed decision.

Wired CCTV. Wired CCTV systems use coaxial, fiber optic or Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) cabling to connect the recording device and monitor. Wired CCTV provides consistent clear pictures with little interference. Consumers may place the camera anywhere up to several hundreds of meters from the recording or monitoring equipment. Experts are often required for wired CCTV security installation, and the camera is not easily moved once installed.

Wireless CCTV. Wireless CCTV systems are preferred by consumers because they do not require cabling to connect to monitors or recording devices. They are easy to install and are generally less expensive than wired systems. With wireless systems, the camera may be moved to virtually any location without disruption of service. If the camera is wireless, the device is easier to hide from the view of criminals that may damage or steal the device. The device is inexpensive, portable and may be used in other locations. Consumers that need temporary monitoring prefer wireless cameras for observation.

There are some disadvantages to the wireless CCTV system. Wireless systems require a dedicated frequency to transmit signals to remote units. The frequencies may be interrupted periodically by electronics such as air conditioning, fluorescent lighting or other electric motored products.

Cordless telephones, for instance, affect picture quality. The systems are prone to picture distortion, which make it difficult to view images in detail. This is a disadvantage when attempting to identify a suspect or solving a crime. If a malfunction occurs, a wireless specialist will be required to diagnose and repair the system.

Analog vs. Digital. Analog wireless CCTV utilize traditional radio frequencies. Digital wireless CCTV systems use a higher band frequency and all data is encrypted before it is transmitted. Digital wireless CCTV can transmit a signal 450 feet or more. The analog version will only transmit up to 300 feet. Analog systems are less expensive than digital.

Video Intercom CCTV Security System. This type of system is often used at intercom gates of a home, complex or business.

Mobile CCTV Security Systems. Many companies install covert cameras in their vehicles to protect the vehicles from theft. If the vehicle is stolen, the company can recover the vehicle and prosecute the person that stole the vehicle. Live feeds may be monitored by satellite through a PC and an IP address.

Dedicated PC Recorder vs. Digital Video Recorder. CCTV may be monitored through a dedicated PC or through a digital video recorder that is embedded. Systems may support anywhere from one to 32 cameras or more.

What Should You Consider Before Installing CCTV Security Systems?

Before installing a system you should determine which type best meets your needs and budget. A bank, for instance, may need a wired system with clear pictures to prosecute bank robbers. By contrast, a home owner with temporary needs may benefit from a wireless system. The monitoring location will determine the type of camera required.

Benefits of a CCTV Security Systems

Business and home owners cannot be in every location at once. Security systems reduce the need for physical surveillance and help clients monitor the premises remotely. The presence of CCTV systems significantly deters crime.

Why Should You Select Our Company for CCTV Security Installation?

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