Access Control Installation

What is Access Control?

Access control installation keeps a business, employees and property safe and secure. The systems also monitor visitors as they enter and exit the building. Businesses may focus on entry and exit points to secure the building from theft or other disturbances. Gates may be installed at the entrance of buildings to prevent undesired individuals from entering the business and breaching security.

Magnetic stripe cards may be required for access to the building and closed circuit television will monitor the situation. Card readers, RF controls and keypads may all be incorporated into an access control solution for a business. Access control eliminates the need for an individual to be on staff at every entry point.

Benefits of Access Control

An access control system is affordable and an effective means of security. The cost of full time personnel monitoring an entry point is more financially cumbersome and in some instances, not as effective as access control solutions. When used in conjunction with CCTV, magnetic strip cards and keypads, the solutions become quite secure. If your business requires security clearances or stores sensitive data, access control is imperative to monitor behavior.

Live video footage may be transmitted to any location on the premises or remotely to monitor the entry and exit points. From retail to corporate, this is an effective solution. Retail uses this type of system to monitor the entry and exit of their employees and also to minimize theft by employees and external shoplifters.

With access control systems, duplicate keys cannot be easily made with innovative technology. The Biometric fingerprint technology, smart cards, swipe cards and proximity cards are all secure ways to access an entry point of a building with sensitive data or expensive merchandise.

What Should I Consider Before Installing Access Control?

Before installing access control, companies must decide the number of entry points they would like to secure and the level of security they need to protect their investment. Experts can help companies devise a solution that is both security-effective and cost-effective. Some companies might require biometric fingerprint technology in addition to the secure gates to protect their investment. Other companies may simply require a magnetic swipe badge for entry.

The physical entry will also be a concern. Some companies require turnstile-type entry point made of steel to prevent forced entry. Other companies may require only a steel door. The building design will determine the type of physical entry necessary to adequately protect company assets. Again, on-site expert consultation will help businesses determine an optimal solution for each company.

Access control entry is more expensive than a solution that only involves CCTV security. Businesses must consider their budget prior to selecting a solution. The company’s budget, along with the building design, will factor into the type of system the business will select. If the company decides to install a biometric access control system, this will cost more than a magnetic strip entry solution. If the company has sensitive information, the biometric access control system may be worthwhile long term. Companies that reduce theft will protect their company’s revenue stream from losses.

Why Should I Choose Your Company for Access Control Installation?

Our company offers numerous years of experience the companies need for proper installation. With our expertise, customers will receive incredible support and an installation guarantee. Companies that need an access control solution should contact our company for a consultation. Our installation experts will assess your building and provide the best solution for your company’s building. Do not compromise your company’s business, data or employees by neglecting to include access control into your organization’s security solution.