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Los Angeles CCTV

What is CCTV?


Closed circuit television, or CCTV, was developed initially to provide security in bank buildings and casinos. Depending on the application, the system can be visible or well-hidden to capture the activities of people around entry doors or areas where money is handled. The images captured by the cameras can be monitored by a human security guard or simply recorded by a machine for review if an event occurs. Live or pre-recorded signals are transmitted through a closed communication loop to a finite set of receivers using scrambled radio waves for use by a limited group of receivers. Los Angeles CCTV experts can devise an effective system that will provide security for virtually any location.

Why Is CCTV Important?

Closed circuit TV has evolved into a prevalent way to provide security in public buildings, on streets and in private homes. The applications are only limited by the creativity of the installer. When crimes occur, security systems play an important role in finding the suspects and bringing the perpetrator to justice. Security personnel are able to monitor every exit for very large buildings and the cost savings can be substantial. Since CCTV has become more affordable, businesses of every size have installed cameras in visible places and have watched thefts drop dramatically. Business owners trust that their property is monitored by a Los Angeles surveillance camera installation that will deter crime at all times.

Our Services

As Los Angeles CCTV experts, our goal is to provide the most important information to business owners that need security systems. Successful installations of surveillance cameras that are relevant to the location are our specialty. Our Orange County location provides access to decision makers who would like to visit us from anywhere in Southern California. Whenever a client requests our services, an onsite visit to their facility is an important part of finding the best solution for their needs.

Why Los Angeles CCTV?

There are times that closed circuit TV might seem like a drastic measure, but there are many advantages to installing security systems in public buildings, at private businesses or in and around private homes.

  1. Control over the property is provided by the security system, and only certain people are allowed to enter.
  2. A safer environment for people, property and sensitive information is created.
  3. Insurance discounts are offered to those who install a security system.
  4. The facility can be partitioned with only certain sectors accessible to everyone.
  5. Information from the security system can be used to reduce timesheet procedures.
  6. Employee management systems can be enhanced to include monitoring information and data management.
  7. Other parts of the overall security system can be integrated to manage the entire site from central location.
  8. Parking lot security is enhanced through the use of cameras that are mounted around the entire facility.
  9. Los Angeles CCTV experts can help any company comply with the Disability Discrimination Act.

Considerations When Selecting a CCTV Security Company

An in-depth selection process is important when trusting a company with the Los Angeles surveillance camera installation. While it may seem simple to install some cameras, there are some very specific pieces of information that will assist with the effort to find the best company for the design and installation of the security system.

  1. Company history – Experience very important in the CCTV business. Number of years is less important than successfully completed installations.
  2. Licensure – Compliance with license requirements are an indication of the serious nature of the business. Verify that the license number provided is active with the state of California.
  3. Physical location – A company that does not have a traditional brick and mortar location might be passing through the area. Support of the system will be essential as the needs change and new equipment becomes available.
  4. Staff profile – Experience of the people who work for the company will directly affect the quality of the installation and the support of the system going forward. Employees that arrive at the site must have the skills required for a successful installation.
  5. Insurance – Any company that agrees to install a security system must have their own insurance against loss. Avoid any business that says this detail is not important because if something happens the cost will fall on the business owner.
  6. References – Satisfied customers from previous installations should be willing to speak with prospective customers. If positive references are not available, find another company.

Capabilities of CCTV Experts

Closed Circuit TV systems take on a life of their own and require care for many years to come. The importance of finding an effective CCTV company cannot be overstated. All of the information from the search should be followed with honest information about the following major categories. If the company does not volunteer the details about their capabilities, find a reputable company that can provide specifics about the following:

  • CCTV Design/ Installation - On-site visits to ascertain the need for certain types of cameras and their exact placement are essential to a successful installation. Every security system is different, and the installer must ask enough questions to determine if in-line or out-of-line systems will address the need. Another decision that will affect the cost of the project is whether fixed aperture, manual iris, auto iris or zoom lenses are used in the cameras. Truly experienced installers will make recommendations that for the benefit of the customer and will not drive up the cost of the project unnecessarily.

  • CCTV Monitoring – Outsourcing security system monitoring is a cost-effective and efficient approach to watching activity across a facility. Instead of paying a dedicated security staff, the services of a security monitoring company are employed. This option reduces costs and relies first-responders to address security breaches.

  • CCTV Maintenance – Newly released equipment will have to be added to the security system to increase image quality and provide more efficient storage of recorded images as time passes. Updates to the existing system require integration with the old components and adjustments will be required. All of these activities require experience and dedication to the customer.

  • CCTV Systems Hardware & Software – If a company under consideration offers a single option for the security system, their experience level is not acceptable. Companies must be well-versed in the many different types of cameras, recorders and monitors that would comprise the system. Software systems are equally important because of the options that must be present to use the system to its full capacity.

Final Evaluation

Closed circuit television can provide so much peace of mind to a property owner. Finding the best possible company to complete the installation will make all the difference. Questions should be answered in a timely manner with sufficient detail because the professional relationship will span many years. One of the best ways to be certain about any company’s capabilities is to speak with some of their existing customers. This may seem intrusive, but when customers are happy, they are willing to speak to virtually anyone about their experience. Safety and security are important when protecting property and the well-being of visitors and employees. Technology provides remarkable advantages when combined with expertise and customer satisfaction.